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Dairy Free Banana & Peanut Ice Cream

If you haven't noticed here at the Sweetarian kitchen we love peanuts, in fact, any nut. We think peanuts are awesome and make great recipes, here is one of our favourites recipes

Banana Ice Cream

You will Need

I large ripe banana

Tablespoon of our Plain & Simple nutty butter

Let's make some magic

Peel & cut a large ripe banana and place in a freezer bag

Place in the freezer for about 3 hours or more.

Take the banana from the bag and place in a blender or a small food processor.

Keep blending until it becomes a smooth texture or creamy, add the nut butter at this point and blend for another few seconds.

Place in a food safe airtight container and put back in the freezer

Freeze overnight if you can wait that long

The next day you will have dairy free ice cream to enjoy.


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